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Hercules Waterproof Premium + Plastikote 5 Litre

SKU: GEM0815


30 in stock

30 in stock



Hercules waterproof premium + plastikote for weathered, cracking or chalking surfaces. Eco-friendly rubber waterproofing coating boasts high UV resistance, exceptional adhesion and long-life durability. The coating is hassle-free and ready to use straight from the container. Enhances the lifespan of coated surfaces, providing enduring protection. Unique blend of acrylic polymers, it maintains highly flexible. Applied using a roller or spray, offering convenience in application. Exhibits positive self-priming properties, ensuring efficient coverage. High UV and colourfast pigment system safeguards against colour fading, providing vibrant and long-lasting results. Prevents corrosion on metal surfaces, adding an extra layer of protection. Resistant to fungus, maintaining a clean and hygienic surface. Environmentally friendly with a low VOC (78g / litre), contributing to a healthier environment. Water-born (non-flammable) coating with a fire index of class 3, ensuring safety during application. Exhibits high flexibility with a 70% elongation and full memory, adapting to different surface movements. Allows for easy recoating, ensuring the longevity of the protective layer. The final film strength does not harden over time, maintaining flexibility for continuous protection. Requires recoating after a 7 to 10-year lifespan, ensuring ongoing protection.
Application guidelines
Drying Time: Touch dry in 3 hours at 35°C for initial cure, hard dry in 3 to 5 days depending on weather conditions.
Spread Rate: Achieves surface coverage of 1 kilogram per square meter, providing cost-effective application.
Clean Up: Tools, equipment, and spillages can be easily cleaned up with warm, soapy water before Hercules Plastikote dries.


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