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Fox Water Sandpaper Sheet Standard 230mm x 280mm, 50 Pack


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Standard water sandpaper sheet, a high-quality abrasive solution designed for sanding needs with precision and efficiency. Designed for use with water, allows for a cleaner, smoother sanding process. Water helps control dust and provides a lubricating effect, resulting in a more refined finish. Crafted for wet sanding applications. Perfect for smoothing surfaces, refining finishes and achieving a professional touch in woodworking, automotive or any project requiring a meticulous finish. Minimizes the risk of scratches. Efficiently removes imperfections and leaves a smooth surface, ensuring a polished final result. Resist wear and tear, allowing for extended use without compromising performance. Suitable for wood, metal or other surfaces. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Pack of 50 sheets. Dimensions: 230mm x 280mm.


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