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CRC Zinc It Instant Cold Galvanize 500ml 30563

SKU: CRC1087


44 in stock

44 in stock



CRC zinc instant cold galvanizing spray designed for preserving and protecting metal surfaces, even when they’ve been damaged or exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Serves as a reliable corrosion-resistant barrier, offering cathodic protection to ensure the longevity of metal components. Providing cathodic protection and a sacrificial zinc barrier, it prevents further deterioration of the metal. Adhesion properties and matte finish make it a versatile choice for various metal surfaces. High zinc content ensures robust protection for metal surfaces. Suitable for use in all situations where clean and degreased metal surfaces need to be protected against corrosion. Ideal for car body repair, trailers and caravans, ships, harbour installations, fencing, structural steel, railroad equipment, roof guard rails, steel cables, storage tanks, repair of galvanised parts, welding seams and rivet holes.


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